7 things to learn from Monks to Live a better Life with zero struggles

How to Harness the Lifestyle and Practices of Monks to Help You live a better Life.

Hi, How are You doing? It's been a rough couple of Months for most people so I hope you are holding up good, well I have something very interesting to share with You


So On the 15 of Oct  I got on a call with My New Monk Friend on Twitter @DanGoldfield and I asked him some questions about The Monk way of Life


He let me in on a few things that are vital to the Monk Practices that 91% of people are Ignorant of


Well Here are 7 things to learn from Monks to Live a better Life with zero struggles this New Month.



Now I actually told Dan I really wanted to know what it felt like to be A Monk


I asked him how Monks were able to go through any situation and still remain calm 


I told him I was tired of looking for happiness in the success of worldly goals i set for Myself (I actually am)


To cut The Long Story Short, I just wanted to know how to be Happy without attaching it to Anything .


So these were the key points I noted down while we had this 33 Minutes of Excellent Communication.


  1.  Monks in the old days detached Themselves from the World, Material things and Distractions,


They had a secret of which their Government didn’t want them to give to the public 


A certain knowledge that if Everyone knew they would become Powerful and stop being slaves to The government and there won't be any need to depend on them 


This secret is Freedom and Detachment from the chase of things of the World that determines Physical worth and Value we place on things.


Things like money and also Our success in comparison to that of others


Freedom from strife, fears and worries, Freedom from suffering and having the wrong Mindset.


   2. They believe they are perfect with whatever they have


The monks knew that they didn’t need material things to be happy, 


all they needed was themselves and their connection to the Universe as we are all connected and serve a certain purpose


So they don’t care if they don’t get something or fear if they Lose what they already have


It doesn’t matter...



Back in the 80s a couple of Monks were able to break out of the system


They took this knowledge and method of thinking to anyone and any race who can grasp it am not just to a certain kind of people 


That’s how @dangoldfield for his Mentor


And now Dan has been able to teach a lot other people these principles too



But unlike the ancient monks from Thailand


We don’t not have to forsake sex, material things, money, careers or worldly  success and other gains


To achieve the level of happiness, calmness and oneness they have 


We can merge this two worlds together and live happier and better lives even in this times of Disastrous Distractions .


   3. Monks choose to see things for what they are and not what their emotions are making them feel.



And because they are not attached to objects and situations they always see the bigger picture when they are face with Decisions to make.


   4. Monks Use Rest to Fight off Stress



When ever they want to start worrying about something 


They stop thinking and stop describing Things and just Decide to be in a State of Rest


They imagine their mind is a beautiful garden and then the worry is an Unwanted Weed


So they just pluck it out and toss it over their shoulders


This Works like magic, I tried it myself, You should too...


   5. Monks are continuous Learners and also see an Opportunity to Understand something new about Life


They know that are not Perfect as they are only human


But they believe in the Consistent Practice of their Rituals as One only gets better at what He does with Continuous Effort.


   6. Monks understand the Power of Attraction


When they want something what they do is not worry about it but rest and believe the Universe will give them everything they need


Yes they do not Stress and do not Strive for things


But You still need to pt in Effort to get anything in this World,


They still work toward their Goals with Clear and Positive Minds without the Fear of Losing out or not achieving 


They Attach the Right Reasons to achieve their Goal.


   7. They Do everything from A Place of love


When You attach the right reason to why you should do anything for yourself or anybody


You will realise you are always doing things from A Place of Love and Desire to truly be of Impact.


Thus Saying, Be Valuable! Give Value in Everything You do...


Monks understand this and this is what made them able to generate Happiness so quickly and easily


Free Your Mind and be Free with others, Let go and Relax, breathe and Act accordingly.



So to Summarise it all, 7 things to learn from Monks to live a happier life with zero struggles are??


  • They detach themselves from material and any worldly things 
  • They believe they are perfect with whatever they have
  • They always see the Bigger Picture 
  • They Use Rest to Fight Stress
  • They are continuous learners 
  • They understand the power of attraction 
  • They do everything from a place of Love




You made it this Far Clinton You are Amazing!


Now you are Equipped with the Ancient Knowledge or the Monks


Practice these way of the Monks and use it to get the best out of this New Month of September while stressing the least.


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